Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lucio Dalla

Lucio Dalla is a singer (and great songwriter) with a lifetime career, an artist who is also very popular in Greece-and rightly so.

You probably know Lucio Dalla because of his tribute to Ayrton Sena (the F1 driver who was killed at Imola in 1995)-or probably you are familiar with his worldwide hit "Caruso", dedicated to the tenor of the 20th century Enrico Caruso who passed away too early.

When you listen to "Caruso", you almost feel like crying (out of joy) Click here for the lyrics of "Caruso" with a translation in english. There are also some further versions of this song, like the one of Lara Fabian- well, personally, I don't want to listen to any other than the original.

But one shouldn' t stick to "Caruso", there is much more to Lucio Dalla... listen to songs of him like "Tutta La Vita", "Stella di Mare" or "Felicita"- they are wonderful, I am sure you will enjoy! Especially his song "Felicita", I must have listened to for more than 100 times :-)

I think that if Lucio Dalla didn' t become a singer, he surely would become a comedian or something of that kind. His way of acting and expressing and his videoclips always have a funny note..what I find most enjoyable is, that he also makes a little fun of himself, especially of his small height. He must have a great personality.

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