Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paola e Chiara

Paola e Chiara are two sisters from Milan, Italy who are considered the "Queens of Pop" in Italy.

Paola e Chiara are former members of the pop band 883 and are best known for their latin -rhythm hits like "Vamos a Bailar" and "Viva" and the controversy they caused in 2003 with the apocalyptic video of their song "Kamasutra".

Very nice listening to are also ballads like "Anni Luce" or "Amoridai", Paola and Chiara have very clean and mild voices.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tiziano Ferro

Now here is an artist that has caused much controversy in Italy and the Latin world: Tiziano Ferro. He is a young singer, only 26, making his debut album "Rosso Relativo", back in 2002-however, Tiziano Ferro is already a very "talked-about" personality due to the negative comments he once made in the italian TV Show "Che tempo che fa", concerning mexican women's beauty.

Anyways, there are songs which are worth listening to, like "Rosso Relativo" or "Xdono"- although some may consider their sound a little violent. His romantic song "Imbranato"(clumsiness) is an exception to this and is accompanied by a great video

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One new discovery from me.. a video, once again, it is from Adriano Celentano.

L'Arcobaleno - The rainbow- to me it's the most beautiful song of Adriano Celentano.
Celentano has a suprisingly sensitive performance in this song; it is a very poetic song, with extraordinary lyrics as always; pay particular attention to the video, every detail is very interesting and "off the beaten track".


A true legend of italian music is Zucchero(Fornaciari)!

I really like Zucchero very much, his style, his voice, his songs, everything. Zucchero means "sugar" in italian..well he may look sweet at times, but I wouldnt consider his voice being equally sweet-surely his voice has a great sensitivity, but its rather raw and strong in my opinion.

Zucchero is famous for the performance of the great "Senza Una Donna"(without a woman) with Paul Young in 1987, and lately he is in the charts again with his: "Baila Morena" (dance moraine)- in spanish this time.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Irene Grandi

Some days ago I listened to Irene Grandi for the first time and I think she is truly extraordinary! Her voice is sweet and raw and very sensual.

I searched for information online about her and found a great videoclip of hers in . Its from a song called "Se mi vuoi" (if you want me) where she performs together with Pino Daniele; a special video, both acoustically because their two voices match really well, and also visually. The video is shot in a very quiet,isolated room were the two of them are staying together all day, expressing their love for each other and Irene Grandi looks amazingly beautiful and with a great style.

I liked this video so much that I watched it dozens of times , all in one day, one after another...
Also wonderful is her song "Dolcissimo Amore", I recommend it.
gianna nannini grazie
Gianna Nannini is a legendary rockstar in Italy, in her own feminine way. Gianna Nannini is
a woman with definitely LOTS of energy! I particularly like her way of performing, because it is very happy... it's like she is laughing when she sings.

Special songs of her with great sentimental value for me are "I maschi" and "Bello e impossibile", both songs of the 80s.

Also very famous in Italy is her younger brother Alessandro Nannini, a Formula One driver in Italy who unfortunately had to quit his career because of an accident with a helicopter he had and lost his hand.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Al Bano and Romina Power, the most romantic couple of the 80s in Italy

Back in the 80s in Germany where I grew up they were so popular, everybody loved them!
I remember going to the gelateria(ice cream shop) with my family, and all the time their song "Felicita" was being played. Still I get sentimental when I listen to it. One of the most beautiful songs of them is the ballad "Soltanto Tu" (Only you), very romantic, and another one I love and get very emotional of is "Liberta" (freedom).

Now the couple has separated and many people believe it is due to the fact their daughter Ylenia went missing 1994 in New Orleans and never returned. Her parents suspect she has been put under a spell by a street musician, but there are people claiming that they saw her taking a swim in the river Mississippi and drowned by accident.

Gigi D' Alessio is a singer mostly famous in Italy and in my opinion is truly special; once you listen to him you will recognize his voice very easily. He mainly sings in Neapolitan dialect, so its rather difficult to understand the lyrics; still, I really enjoy listening to his songs. One of the nicest and most popular songs of Gigi D'alessio is "Amore Mio" and lately he performs vaious songs with the newcomer of San Remo, Anna Tatangelo.

Gigi D' Alessio has also written the soundtracks of several musicals, I enjoyed the music of "Cient' Anne",it is very special!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I found the videoclip of Celentano's Fuoco!

Once again, I think he is GREAT

Every day I like Adriano Celentano more and more...

He is a multi-talent- actor, singer, songwriter and currently presenter in italian TV, if I am not mistaken.

I knew about him ever since I was a child, where we used to watch his movies with my father...but at that time I didnt pay special attention to him.

During the last years, a "wave" started here in Greece and they were playing great italian songs on the radio (covered in the greek language unfortunately).

Out of curiosity I did a kind of research on the web and found out they were actually songs of Celentano. Then I bought a CD of him and this way I "re-discovered" him.

My opinion, he is one of a kind: unique, that means you either like him or you don't. Either way, once you hear his songs they remain in your memory because he has a special style of exression, a strong, but calm voice, full of "attitude". Try listening to "Ancora Vivo" or "Fuoco", they are songs I never get enough listening!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

If you are fond of italian music like me, then you definitely know Eros Ramazzotti!
He is one of the best and the most popular singers Italy has to offer.
His voice is soft and his lyrics touching and meaningful! Plus, he is very good looking, but this is second priority.
"Dove C'e Musica" is one of his most popular albums, I like the song "Adesso Tu" most, since it brings me back to very special moments!
Below the best part of Adesso tu...
"ed ho imparato che nella vita
nessuno mai ci da di piĆ¹
ma quanto fiato quanta salita
andare avanti senza voltarsi mai"
"and I have learnt that in life
nobody never gives us more
what a breath, what a rise
getting on but never turning back..."