Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Biaggio Antonacci by Universal Music
Biagio Antonacci is one of the most remarkable singers Italy has to present.

Biagio Antonacci is, to me, the stereotype of the italian man; handsome, serious yet very expressive, and dark. He has built an image having rather long, dark hair, but now his hair is much shorter and I think it suits him very much- it makes him look more mature.

I love his voice and his songs are very poetic, most of them ballads. One of the most significant works in his career is the song "Tra Te e Il Mare", which he wrote for Laura Pausini. They perform one version of this song as a duet.

There is a song of him called "Non e Mai Stato Subito", which has drawn special attention several years ago. Rumour has it that the basic idea of Madonna's video of "Ray of Light" was taken from this song's video.

One of my favorite songs of Antonacci is "Iris Tra Le Tue Poesie", talking about the impact a girl's love for him has in his heart and soul. Very poetic as well is his new song and single, "Pazzo Di Lei" ("Crazy about her") - it's an earworm, I keep humming it :)

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Paolo said...

Good comment,
but the song called "Non e mai Stato Subito" is wrong.
The right write is "Non รจ mai Stato Subito". Don't worry, it's a little wrong