Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jovanotti in the video 'Serenata Rap'Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, is an italian singer and songwriter (they are named "cantautori" in Italy). He is interesting due to the fact that his music is versatile and different to the romantic music most of us are used from Italy. Jovanotti likes to experiment- his music is influenced by Rap and Hip Hop and his lyrics are quite daring -but touching at the same time.

Jovanotti's music has played a big a part of my teenager years (in the 90's) and has sentimental value to me. I remember the time where his great song "Serenata Rap" came out and it was being played on the radio stations all day long. I really loved this song and the way he expresses himself in it; I enjoyed watching its video in particular because it is funny (yet somewhat scary :)) to see.

Later on when I learned some italian and could understand the lyrics of his songs, I fancied Jovanotti even more, because they are lets say..refreshing. My favorite album of him is "Lorenzo Raccolta" and the songs that stand out according to me (besides "Serenata Rap" of course) are "Penso Positivo" ("I think positive") and L'ombelico Del Mondo" ("The Navel of the World") because it is very positive and uplifting. I recommend this album, especially if you like Rap music.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eros Ramazzotti-Per Me Per Sempre

Italian Lyrics Translation

Today I'll to try to make use of my first Italian language skills and translate one of my favorite songs of Eros Ramazzotti, "Per Me Per Sempre". Please send me a comment should you see any mistakes.

Per Me Per Sempre(For Me, For Ever)

Album: "Stile Libero"(2000). Sony International

Io vorrei che migliaia di farfalle
colorassero l'aria intorno a me
poi vorrei vederle tutte quante
come un vestito posarsi su di te
Così...vorrei cosi
Così...sognarti cosi
Quando la festa comincera
tu sarai regina
tutta la gente si fermera
a guardarti stupita
Per i miei occhi tu splenderai
bella come il sole
infiniti voli del cuore
infinita felicita
quando penso che tu sei per me
per sempre
Poi come fa il vento con le rose
vorrei spogliarti soffiando su di te
Cosi...vorrei cosi
cosi...amarti cosi
Quando la festa poi finira
torneremo a terra
tutta la gente si ricordera
d'aver visto una stella
Per i miei occi tu splenderai
bella come il sole
infiniti voli del cuore
infinita felicita
quando penso che tu sei per me
per sempre

I would like that thousands of butterflies
color the air around me
then I would like to see all of them
be worn like a dress on you
this way, I would like it this way
this way, I dream of you this way
when the celebration begins
you will be a queen
all people will halt
to look at you astonished
for my eyes you will shine
beautiful like the sun
infinite flights of the heart
inifinite happiness
when I consider that you are for me
for ever
then, like the wind does with the roses
I would like it to undress you while blowing on you
this way, I would like it this way
this way I love you like
when the celebration then ends
we will return to earth
all the people will remember
having seen a star
for my eyes you will shine
beautiful like the sun
infinite flights of the heart
infinite happiness
when I consider that you are for me
for ever

I believe this song is like a fairytale and so is its video. Here it is embedded for you so you can have a complete view of the song.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Un Attimo Di Pace by Eros Ramazzotti

I may overdo it with videos lately, but this video(or is it Ramazzotti himself?) is so-very-nice , that I couldn't resist!
Enjoy "Un Attimo Di Pace"(2003) by Eros Ramazzotti, talking about a moment of peace on earth.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

FIFA World Cup (Mundial) 2006-La Squadra Azzurra

The Italian World Champions of Mundial 2006("gli Azzurri"), singing their football hymn, "Cuore Azzurro"- a song originally sung by Pooh. All the earnings went to the victims of violence in Sierra Leone.
A very nice song it is, and the lyrics are so uplifting! Well yes, they may not be the best singers ever- but who cares? They are the world champions!!! (...and so gorgeous as well, aren't they?)


PS. I know I am really behind time for posting this, but I have found the video just today:(

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lucio Dalla

Lucio Dalla is a singer (and great songwriter) with a lifetime career, an artist who is also very popular in Greece-and rightly so.

You probably know Lucio Dalla because of his tribute to Ayrton Sena (the F1 driver who was killed at Imola in 1995)-or probably you are familiar with his worldwide hit "Caruso", dedicated to the tenor of the 20th century Enrico Caruso who passed away too early.

When you listen to "Caruso", you almost feel like crying (out of joy) Click here for the lyrics of "Caruso" with a translation in english. There are also some further versions of this song, like the one of Lara Fabian- well, personally, I don't want to listen to any other than the original.

But one shouldn' t stick to "Caruso", there is much more to Lucio Dalla... listen to songs of him like "Tutta La Vita", "Stella di Mare" or "Felicita"- they are wonderful, I am sure you will enjoy! Especially his song "Felicita", I must have listened to for more than 100 times :-)

I think that if Lucio Dalla didn' t become a singer, he surely would become a comedian or something of that kind. His way of acting and expressing and his videoclips always have a funny note..what I find most enjoyable is, that he also makes a little fun of himself, especially of his small height. He must have a great personality.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Andrea Bocelli's Concert in New York!!

Andrea Bocelli will be performing today, September 9, in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra for the last time in this tour.

How lucky must one be to live in New York on moments like this! If you do, I envy you- nothing more to say here :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is a tenor from Tuscany and one of the greatest representatives in classical music! Well, actually not entirely classical, since Bocelli can sing everything from arias to pop ballads...

Andrea Bocelli is a tenor who "sings with his soul" and is also successful as a writer and music producer. He is known to be a very calm and sophisticated person and always has a heart for charitable events.

Andrea Bocelli was discovered in 1992 by Zucchero Fornaciari, when Zucchero was seeking for a tenor to record a demo of his song "Miserere". First, Zucchero was having Luciano Pavarotti in his mind, but then he came upon Andrea Bocelli and was enthused over him. When later on Pavarotti listened to the demo of Bocelli, he commended:"Who is this man? You don’t need me, I couldn’t do better!"

From then on, Bocelli has accomplished incredible things in music, despite his blindness.

His duet with the soprano Sarah Brightman "Con Te Partirò"("Time To Say Goodbye") has sold more than one million copies worldwide, his duet with Eros Ramazzotti, "Musica E" (Music Is)- a blend of pop and classical music- become a smash hit... Bocelli has even won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for the song "The Prayer"-a duet with Celine Dion!

My favorite song is "Sogno", I think it's just wonderful!

One of the greatest moment in Andrea Bocelli's career and life was when he was selected by Pope John Paul II to record the hymn for the Great Jubilee (Gloria a Te, Cristo Gesù), included in his album of 1999, "Sacred Arias".