Monday, September 04, 2006

Laura Pausini

Grammy Award of Best Latin Pop Album 2006!

Laura Pausini is one of the most famous italian artists with worldwide recognition. She is both a songwriter and a singer, with a wonderful voice, very emotional and perfectly clear, full of tenderness.

Most of the songs of hers are italian but have been translated in the spanish language also, since she and her songs are extremely popular in Latin America. As for the United States, what to say... Laura Pausini has won the Grammy Award of best latin pop album 2006! No other italian female singer has achieved this before!

The song that landed a breakthrough in her singing career was "La Solitudine" ("the solitude"), which she first sang at the very young age of 19. The song is talking about a little boy and friend called Marco, who has left home and she is missing very much.

That was back in 1993. Since then, Laura Pausini has always been in the charts. Songs of hers like "Non c'e" ("There is nothing (like...)"), "E Ritorno Da Te"("And I am returning to you") and "Gente"("People") have become huge songs in many parts of the World. Another song of hers I particularly like is "Tra Te e il Mare" ("Between you and the sea"), which sounds best when she sings it in a duet with Biaggio Antonacci! Other duets of hers are with NEK, Gilberto Gil, and last but not least, Marc Anthony and Marco Antonio Solis. The three were performing this summer on a 20-city US-tour called "Juntos en Concierto" ("Together in Concert") (
) .

Listen to Laura Pausini, and its going to be a unique acoustical experience for you!

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