Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tiziano Ferro

Now here is an artist that has caused much controversy in Italy and the Latin world: Tiziano Ferro. He is a young singer, only 26, making his debut album "Rosso Relativo", back in 2002-however, Tiziano Ferro is already a very "talked-about" personality due to the negative comments he once made in the italian TV Show "Che tempo che fa", concerning mexican women's beauty.

Anyways, there are songs which are worth listening to, like "Rosso Relativo" or "Xdono"- although some may consider their sound a little violent. His romantic song "Imbranato"(clumsiness) is an exception to this and is accompanied by a great video


devongirlie said...

Who needs to listen to him when he looks a great as that!

devongirlie said...

Who need to listen to him when he looks as great as that!

Düsseldorfer said...

Hi Evie,
why are you interested in Italian Music? :)

evie said...

Hello Düsseldorfer, thanks for your post:-)

there are so many reasons why I like italian music...

I guess the main reason is that it has lots of of sentimental value to me.

But it's not only that, it's also the melody of the italian songs, both the older and the modern ones, that is truly special and gives me joy.

Another reason is the beautiful italian language itself of course.Every time I listen to italian words it makes me happy!

The last years I started learning Italian and one of the reasons is to understand the lyrics of the italian songs.


Düsseldorfer said...

Wow, thanks for your response.
I had a little curiosity about it!

I don't image what a foreign that doesn't know Italian hear!

Are you learning Italian? Good, if you want I'll write here in Italian! :) (is much more simple for me)

Thanks and have a nice day!


Anna said...

Hi Evie,

Thanks for your comment on my weblog about my holiday in Iceland. It was really interesting to see the combination of ice and fire. Walking in the snow and see the bubbly and smelly ;-) fields of mud. I think I will return one day, but I prefer hiking to experience the nature even better than from a bus. The idea that there are area's where no one lives is quite fascinating, especially because in the Netherlands there is human life at least every 10 minutes !?

Where in the Netherlands have you lived? Is is a lot different than Greece? I have never been in Greece, but I know I should someday, so much historic sites to see. At high school I learn ancient Greek, but it is getting very rusty, but I remember some of the stories.

Take care