Saturday, August 19, 2006

Al Bano and Romina Power, the most romantic couple of the 80s in Italy

Back in the 80s in Germany where I grew up they were so popular, everybody loved them!
I remember going to the gelateria(ice cream shop) with my family, and all the time their song "Felicita" was being played. Still I get sentimental when I listen to it. One of the most beautiful songs of them is the ballad "Soltanto Tu" (Only you), very romantic, and another one I love and get very emotional of is "Liberta" (freedom).

Now the couple has separated and many people believe it is due to the fact their daughter Ylenia went missing 1994 in New Orleans and never returned. Her parents suspect she has been put under a spell by a street musician, but there are people claiming that they saw her taking a swim in the river Mississippi and drowned by accident.

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Hi Evie. Thank you for your opinion on my Blog. I am learning how to do it. I hope to finish it soon.
I also love italian music.
I love "Felicita", both, in Spanish and Italian.