Monday, August 28, 2006

Irene Grandi

Some days ago I listened to Irene Grandi for the first time and I think she is truly extraordinary! Her voice is sweet and raw and very sensual.

I searched for information online about her and found a great videoclip of hers in . Its from a song called "Se mi vuoi" (if you want me) where she performs together with Pino Daniele; a special video, both acoustically because their two voices match really well, and also visually. The video is shot in a very quiet,isolated room were the two of them are staying together all day, expressing their love for each other and Irene Grandi looks amazingly beautiful and with a great style.

I liked this video so much that I watched it dozens of times , all in one day, one after another...
Also wonderful is her song "Dolcissimo Amore", I recommend it.

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