Monday, August 14, 2006

Every day I like Adriano Celentano more and more...

He is a multi-talent- actor, singer, songwriter and currently presenter in italian TV, if I am not mistaken.

I knew about him ever since I was a child, where we used to watch his movies with my father...but at that time I didnt pay special attention to him.

During the last years, a "wave" started here in Greece and they were playing great italian songs on the radio (covered in the greek language unfortunately).

Out of curiosity I did a kind of research on the web and found out they were actually songs of Celentano. Then I bought a CD of him and this way I "re-discovered" him.

My opinion, he is one of a kind: unique, that means you either like him or you don't. Either way, once you hear his songs they remain in your memory because he has a special style of exression, a strong, but calm voice, full of "attitude". Try listening to "Ancora Vivo" or "Fuoco", they are songs I never get enough listening!

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