Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jovanotti in the video 'Serenata Rap'Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, is an italian singer and songwriter (they are named "cantautori" in Italy). He is interesting due to the fact that his music is versatile and different to the romantic music most of us are used from Italy. Jovanotti likes to experiment- his music is influenced by Rap and Hip Hop and his lyrics are quite daring -but touching at the same time.

Jovanotti's music has played a big a part of my teenager years (in the 90's) and has sentimental value to me. I remember the time where his great song "Serenata Rap" came out and it was being played on the radio stations all day long. I really loved this song and the way he expresses himself in it; I enjoyed watching its video in particular because it is funny (yet somewhat scary :)) to see.

Later on when I learned some italian and could understand the lyrics of his songs, I fancied Jovanotti even more, because they are lets say..refreshing. My favorite album of him is "Lorenzo Raccolta" and the songs that stand out according to me (besides "Serenata Rap" of course) are "Penso Positivo" ("I think positive") and L'ombelico Del Mondo" ("The Navel of the World") because it is very positive and uplifting. I recommend this album, especially if you like Rap music.

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